The Volleyball Warm-ups

Hi, my name is Sandra. My husband and I own “G3 Physical Therapy” in Encinitas, California, where we have built a community based PT clinic that promotes healing, and where we can Gather Give to Grow–hence G3.

I have a simple question, do you believe in the saying, “you are what you eat?” There are nutrient-dense foods and there are junk foods, which impact how we feel. This straight-forward concept also translates to exercise; more precisely, natural movements our bodies are designed for vs. repetitive movements from sports or artificial movements from exercise machines. And just like nutrition, we need balance and variety.

There are 3 reasons why we need natural movements

  1. Anatomy. Our bones are cylindrically shaped. Our ligaments and tendons attach diagonally to our bones and fan out. Which means our bodies are designed for natural movements like Tai Chi and dance that incorporate natural movements that rotate freely in space.
  2. Sitting. We all sit too much, tightening hips and shortening our core muscles. The combination results in a forward head posture and back pain. Natural movements promote the dynamic lengthening and strengthening of our core and hips. These natural movements help to combat muscles that shorten due to too much sitting.
  3. Arthritis. Arthritis happens when two surfaces of a joint repeatedly rub against each other, causing wear and tear. Natural movements are 3-D, they allow the joint to move in a variety of angles and directions. If we vary our movements, the forces of gravity, mass, and momentum are dispersed and distributed across a larger surface area, decreasing the focused wear and tear, preserving our joints and preventing arthritis and other overuse injuries.

Our bodies need to be fed simple but powerful movements that can keep our joints and muscles mobile, flexible, and healthy, preventing arthritis and other overuse injuries.

I recently decided to help coach my daughter’s 5th grade volleyball team, and I’ve realized how tight these young kids are getting from all the sitting they do in the classroom.

I realized that they need the same movements I’m prescribing to my patients to rehab from injuries. I decided to teach them how to prevent injuries.

Check out these 6 movement patterns that will help your shoulders, neck, hips and knees.

This routine will engage your entire body and is really easy to follow and implement into your daily exercise routine.

This routine can be used as a quick 5-minute warm-up, prior to jumping, skipping, hopping or whatever locomotor drill you want to engage in.

Let’s see how many people we can help by sharing this video to other parents and coaches.

Please comment and let me know if you have any questions. Or, to learn more about how you can treat and prevent lower back pain, visit my website,, where you can sign up for my free 7-steps to a healthy back program.

Names of the exercises:

  • Anterior Lunge with Overhead Swing
  • Posterior Lunge with Swing To Hip
  • Lateral Lunge with Reach Opposite side
  • Cross-over Lunge with Reach to Opposite side
  • Posterior Rotational Lunge with Reach across Shoulder Height
  • Anterior Rotational Lunge with Reach to Front

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