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This “Step Through” stretch loosens up your shoulder blades and combats headaches, shoulder problems, or neck problems!

If your shoulder blades can’t move, your upper back or thoracic spine can’t move and you can’t turn on your upper core! The second reason you need this stretch is that if your shoulder blades can’t move, then you’re stuck in a slouched position with bad posture — which can give you headaches, shoulder problems, or neck problems.

That’s why this is one of my EVERY-DAY favorite stretches for breast-feeding moms and for all of us to type too much or drive too much. Try it today!

Get your body and your life back through a progression of movements proven to heal and restore your core, pelvic floor and posture.

Doctors say…

  • Incontinence
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Diastis Recti
  • Lower Back Pain & Sciatica
  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
  • Dyspareunia

You feel…

  • Pee in your pants
  • Vaginal pressure, heaviness, bulging that causes you to cross your legs
  • Mom pooch and abdominal separation
  • Weakness, instability & pain when lifting
  • Pubic pain when walking
  • Pain or discomfort with sex

If you are experiencing any of these problems, then this program is for you!

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I was excited to find Sandra after my OB-GYN recommended her. I had a history of lower back pain and sciatica before my first child, it was aggravated with my first birth but was not appropriately addressed. Now with my second pregnancy, I found myself in more pain and unable to take care of my toddler.

Sandra was able to help me during my pregnancy to decrease and almost completely eliminate my pain while improving my function despite my growing belly. I was able to pick up my toddler without lower back pain. I was able to get full night sleep without pain when I rolled over. I was able to drive without pain. The most powerful tool that Sandra gave me was the knowledge to understand my body, ways to alleviate pain, and improve function on my own. I am now more in tune with my body and feel empowered to play with my toddler, take care of my new baby, and know that it’s important to take care of myself it’s possible to feel good.

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Sandra was immensely helpful to me and her full body approach to addressing pelvic floor issues makes so much sense! I am so grateful to have learned the exercises she taught me during PT and I still do them!


I was painfully waddling down the street with my newborn daughter, when my neighbor saw me. She insisted I go see Sandra for my pelvic pain. I was doubtful because I had an existing tailbone injury that 2 years of chiropractic work had not helped. That injury and a traumatic birth has caused a lot of pain and very limited movement and function.

I couldn’t sleep because of pain when rolling from side to side. I couldn’t sit without a donut to breastfeed. I couldn’t walk without pain and taking a bigger or sudden step was excruciating. All this pain was making me miserable and not enjoying my new baby girl. I was desperate when I started to see Sandra. I was pleasantly surprised when after the first week, I had already felt improvement! 2 months later I can sleep and walk pain free! I’m also finally getting relief with my tailbone. Sandra teaches easy exercises to do at home to help quicken the recovery process. This program really works!

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